Diploma: Programming and Software Development 

The Diploma in Programming & Software Development is designed to train the candidates to be fully versant in developing computer software programs. Graduates of this program can get a Diploma after completing the course. The course is outlined to cover the following areas: 

Program Programming & Software Development

Credential To be awarded


Duration 26 weeks
Course Code
Schedule      MON C FRI      8:30-13:00 or  13:30-18:00


*        Introduction to Operating Systems (Windows NT/UNIX)

*        Designing Web Site HTML

*        Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

*        Designing and Implementing Desktop application with MS VB Administration (Professional & Server)

*        Destributed Application with MS VB

*        Developing Interactive Web Pages Using ASP

*        Object Oriented Programming in C++

*        Java Programming

*        Advanced Java

*        XML Design and Implementation

*    Project


*        Summer: in May

*        Autumn: in September

*    Winter: in January