Diploma: Network and Database

The Diploma in Network and Database Administration is designer to train students to be fully versant in network and database administration. This program prepares students to assemble computers, install, configure & maintain computer-networking systems and SQL Server. Graduates of this program can get a Diploma after completing the course and would be able to sit for MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCDBA, and A+ Examinations. The course is outline to cover the following areas 

Program  Network and Database

Credential To be awarded


Duration 26 weeks
Course Code  
Schedule      MON – FRI      8:30-13:00 or  13:30-18:00


*        Operating Systems

*        Computer Assembly and Troubleshooting

*        Essentials of windows 2000 network and operating system

*        Implementing windows 2000 Professional and server

*        Windows 2000 directory Service Administration

*        Implementing a Microsoft windows 2000 Network infrastructure

*        Designing MS Windows Active directory Service Infrastructure

*        Implementing a Database on Microsoft SQL server

*        System Administration for Microsoft SQL server

*        UNIX Systems and Network Administration

*    Career Preparation and Job Search


*        Summer: in May

*        Autumn: in September

*    Winter: in January

   Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to work as:

*        Network Administrators

*        Network Specialists

*        Network Designers

*        Network Supervisor

*        Network Analyst

*        Network Consultants

*    Database Administrators