Diploma: Computer Science

The Diploma in Computer Science is designed to train the candidates to be fully versant in computer software programs development as well as network and database administration. Graduates of this program would be able to take JAVA Certificate and MCSE Examinations, to sit for MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCDBA, and A+ Examinations. Students can get a Diploma after completing the course. The course is outlined to cover the following areas.

Program Computer Science

Credential To be awarded


Duration 73 weeks
Course Code


*        Technical Writing

*        Computer Hardware Fundamentals

*        Essentials of Networking and Operating Systems

*        Windows network Administration (Professional & Server)

*        Windows Network Infrastructure

*        Windows Directory Services Administration

*        Programming with MS, SQL, Server

*        Administering MS, SQL, Server Database

*        UNIX System Administration I

*        UNIX System Administration II

*        Project I

*        Creating and Publishing Web Pages Using HTML

*        Database Management System

*        Developing Application Visual Basic

*        Object-oriented Programming in C++

*        JAVA Programming

*        Advanced JAVA Programming

*        XML Design and Implementation

*        Project II

*    Co-op Placement


*        Summer: in May

*        Autumn: in September

*    Winter: in January