Diploma: Accounting and Payroll Administration
Program Detail:
Program ¡¡Accounting and Payroll Administration  

Credential awarded


Duration 35 Weeks  
Course Code ¡¡2100     2200     2300   ¡¡
Schedule      MON ¨C FRI     8:30-13:00 or  13:30-18:00  


  • Student Success Strategies
  • MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) MS Word - Excel
  • Microsoft Office - Excel:Basic
  • Microsoft Office - Excel:Advanced
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Office Administration Procedures
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting I
  • Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting II
  • QuickBooks
  • Simply Accounting
  • ACCPAC-Part 1 G/L
  • ACCPAC-Part 2 A/R
  • ACCPAC-Part 3 A/P
  • Canadian Tax Pratice
  • Payroll Administration I
  • Payroll Administration II
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Business Communication
  • Employment Success Strategies
Job Career
  • Accounts Administrator
  • Finance Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Ledger Clerk
  • Budget Clerk
  • Accounts Manager
  • Aduit Clerk
  • Tax Prepaer
  • Office Administrator
  • Financial Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Sales Manager  


Overview / Career Prospects:

The purpose of this program is to provide extensive knowledge and career oriented skills in computerized accounting and office administration. Students will be trained in a high tech classroom as excellent industry teachers are providing hands-on training.

In today¡¯s corporate world, businesses are constantly looking for qualified accountants. MLC prepares its students with the skills that are highly sought out by these companies. MLC¡¯s Accounting Program also shows its students how to run an office with the office administration stream. Our graduates are working in a wide spectrum of industries in various capacities. The scope for increased employment opportunities in this profession is bright because the accounting and finance industries will continue to experienceshuge growth, especially within the next 10~15 years. As well, the demand for accountants and office administrators will continue to grow as the number of small and medium sized businesses increase.

MLC graduates are always in high demand in the Canadian job market. The 3 main reason are:

  1. There are over 500,000 cooperation¡¯s facing the ¡°ageing problem.¡± Canada¡¯s corporate market will see detrimental effects as the large number of ¡°baby boom¡± retirees becomes realized over the next decade.. Skilled employees with abilities in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Engineering and Marketing are going to be in extremely high demand over the next 10~15 years in Canada and the United States.
  2. Unlike many other PCCs in Canada, MLC does not tutoring students in labs. We TEACH our students as 100% instructor led. This way, the teachers can lead students to a higher level and reach the Job Market. MLC also make sure that the students have enough projects and master hands-on Skills. Actually, employers recognize Maple Leaf College students excellent Job Skills. This can explain the high employment rate in the recent years.
  3. MLC Provides its students with the skills and tools necessary to make the leap to the job market. This ensures them competitive jobs with a manageable application and preparation process. After course training consists of:

    • Resume building
    • Job Search Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Seminar for Job Market Analysis
    • Job Interview Skills
    • Free ESL Courses